Tech Needs Women

Tech Needs Women

Tech Needs Women

So if you are a woman, how do you design the perfect underwear for a man?

I mean you could collect some data on average sizes of um … content. You could ask some men that you know about the common challenges for their current underwear. You could survey men with questions about comfort of fabrics, movement, durability, etc.

No matter how much data you gather, you as a woman, will never be able to fully understand exactly what it is like to use the product you produce as a man.

If you are a woman, the majority of the products that you use on a daily basis are designed, implemented and tested by a man who can never truly understand your experience with the end result. Now that is no knock against men. For many of those decisions in design great effort was likely taken to try to make it the best. They likely spent thousands of dollars and hours and tries to make it awesome. The problem is there is only so close they can come to the real experience and then they have to make assumptions. Or sometimes issues never even occur to them at all to even start asking questions.

Diversity of genders, sizes, ethnicities and backgrounds creates better questions. It creates more diveristy in thinking, point-of-view and problem solving. Imagine how different airplane travel might be if airline consulted fat people. Or how much better those hand soap dispenser would be if they tested on more ethnic skin tones.

Right now over half the world’s population is women but only a small fraction of technology jobs are filled by women. So the problems being solved are being directed by men. What problems are we trying to solve… men are choosing. How are we trying to solve them…. men are deciding. And that is not a knock on men, someone has to ask questions and solve problems. Women need to jump in and add their perspective to the industry.

Get in there lady … the world needs you.

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