Why Tech

I spent many years in the workforce before I finally changed careers to get into programing / development. Let’s see, over 12 years I was in retail sales, retail management, property management, financial services, 1031 exchange securities investment, commercial real estate leasing and management, construction project management… I really explored a lot of different fields and work environments. I have worked in different regions of the country. I have been in companies of every size from start up to global conglomerate.

Are you cut out for this?

Women are under-represented in tech. The number of women software developers, coders, programmers, etc. is really low compared to the workforce as a whole. We all know this. We all have heard this, but the question is why? Why are there not more women going into coding and development? I have a theory on this. You might think it is crap but whatever. I think a lot of women get scared off or talk themselves out of it.
Tech Needs Women

Tech Needs Women

Tech Needs Women So if you are a woman, how do you design the perfect underwear for a man? I mean you could collect some data on average sizes of um … content. You could ask some men that you know about the common challenges for their current underwear. You could survey men with questions about comfort of fabrics, movement, durability, etc. No matter how much data you gather, you as a woman, will never be able to fully understand exactly what it is like to use the product you produce as a man.

Where to start

Where do I start? Sometimes the beginning of things can be really overwhelming. If you are a woman who is looking to break into programming / coding then … WELCOME! Whoo hoo, glad to have you : ) First things first… it is totally do-able. You can start from right where you are no matter where that is. I did not start out in tech. I know a lot of coders who have transitioned into tech from other backgrounds.