Are you a Lady Coder?  Are you hoping to be a Lady Coder?  Well good, because the world needs more of you.

You don’t need to know everything day one, you just need to start.  There are lots of resources out there to get you going.  You can find links to a lot of them around this site.  There are plenty of Lady Coders out there forging a path ahead of you.  I am happy to help, give advice and cheer you on.

If you are a new or aspiring coder, I have some links to resources that might help you get going, get learning and get coding over in the Jump into Tech section.  I made the switch from another career so you can too!


For all the Lady Coders that are already out there and coding the world into a better place, come on in and share your knowledge. If you are a coder I would love to feature you on this blog!  Give us any nuggets of wisdom.  Share a link to your blogs, articles and training.  Let’s get together and make the tech community a better place for future Lady Coders.  Be the inspiration and role model you might not have had when you got started… Tell us your story.

I’m Susan and I write code, talk about code, read about code…I am just generally a code junkie, but I’m not looking to quit any time soon.  If you want a peek at my story and what I’ve been up to check here.


There is also some cool coder swag available in the store for you.  Let’s let the world know that there are some stylin’ Lady Coders out there…

If you have a question or want to tell me about something awesome and coder related, send me a line : )

Happy Coding,