Where to start

Where to start

Where do I start?

Sometimes the beginning of things can be really overwhelming. If you are a woman who is looking to break into programming / coding then … WELCOME!

Whoo hoo, glad to have you : )

First things first… it is totally do-able. You can start from right where you are no matter where that is. I did not start out in tech. I know a lot of coders who have transitioned into tech from other backgrounds. Sales, retail, construction, marketing, modeling, ice carving … you name it and I have probably seen it. If you want to make the change then you can.

Get Connected

The best advice I can give you without knowing anything about you is to find a mentor. Find someone who is doing what you want to be doing and talk to them about how to get there.

For women, this can be a little more challenging at times. There are not as many women in tech period, let alone ones doing what you want to be doing, and are available to get in contact with. Here are some ideas to help you connect:

Check out local groups

There are lots of local chapters for “women in technology” type groups. Head over to meetup or linkedin and start searching for local chapters.

If you are in the Raliegh / Durham / RTP area come check out the Women In Tech Allies meetup group. We have lots of ladies in all types of tech roles and experience levels. We would love to help you along on your path. If not, I am sure there is a chapter of some local women in technology group in your area.

Check out local colleges or community colleges

They have advisors and students who might be willing to talk tech with you and get you going.

Online resources and forums

Free Code Camp, Treehouse and more have awesome communities of tech folks in them. Join and ask questions. I think you might find some awesome new friends who are happy to help get you going.

If you are trying to make a change don’t give up. It may not be a cake walk or super easy, but few things that are that easy are ever worth doing.

Keep on coding!

Susan … @LadyCoder

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