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So I don’t know if you have heard or not, but we have a little bit of an imbalance in the tech community regarding the number of women and minorities represented in the workplace. It can be a isolating and disconcerting at times to be the “only one” on the team, in the department or at the event.

I am typically a confident go-getter. I figure, if I can find it a bit intimidating at times, it might really be an issue.

The vision for LadyCoder is to be a haven for ladies who code. A place find helpful career advice, learning links and timely tech talks. There will be links to women-in-tech events and sites to keep you in the know. I hope to feature interviews, stories and advice from women in technology for inspiration.

I also share stories and helpful advice about transitioning into tech from another career. Always happy to help or hand out advice to other women looking to jump into tech. We could use the company!

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Women In Tech Allies (Raleigh/Durham, NC)

If you are in the Raleigh - Durham, NC area you should check out the Women In Tech Allies meetup group.

Women in Tech Allies is a group to advocate for women in tech careers through networking, tech talks, mentorship, etc. We look for opportunities to support our current peers in tech, women attempting to transition into tech from other backgrounds, as well as helping our youth grow into future tech leaders.

I founded it so I kinda love it : ) If you are in the area, come check it out!

Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to ask me on Twitter.

Keep on coding!


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